Saturday, July 30, 2011


force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 01
Leeloo: It's been a while...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 02
Leeloo: I moved to a new place...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 03
Leeloo: It's been such hard work...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 04
Leeloo: Moving beyond the past, redifining my life in more ways than just where I physically live...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 05
Leeloo: Sometimes I'm so confident and others I'm not. Then I realize I'm only human...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 06
Leeloo: I've accomplished so much and still feel theres so much further to go.

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 07
Leeloo: I'm one of the biggest techy geek girls you'll find...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 08
Leeloo: I have a passion for photography, though I'm not the best out there and am often lazy about it.

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 09
Leeloo: I have so many nice things and so often don't really use the group oriented items.... as I am often alone.

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 10
Leeloo: I've got all of these items for crafting and creating. so often they collect dust... though my commission shop has helped keep me busy using them...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 11
Leeloo: To my credit... I have started painting some more...

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 12
Leeloo: I really like the way my apartment is turning out. Winter made me this bed set. It's perfect!

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 13
Leeloo: Who knows what the future holds... Seems like no matter how hard I try - I end up black and blue.

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 14
Leeloo: I can't force the future to hurry. I just have to try to be ready for it.

BJD-Photostory-2011-07-30-Leeloo-Momentum - 15

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