Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gaius and Lum go to the Park~

Gaius and Lum are going to meet in a park for some outside fun
Gaius: "I can't wait to see Lum today. I hope I'm able to find him in the park alright... It shouldn't be hard. He'll be all bubbly, loud, and colorful"
 Lum: "I can't wait to get to see Gaius today.... We haven't gotten to spend time together like this in a while.... with all our shows and photoshoots and studio time..."
 Gaius: "I hope this bus hurries... I'm not used to this..."
 *Lum twirls around singing about how hot Gaius is*
 Gaius: "C'mon bus!"
*Lum sits down*
Lum: "It is taking Gaius a while.... He isn't used to buses.... and I am in a park... at least I've got my rainbow bear he gave me. I'll just enjoy the sun some..."
*Lum lays down*
*Lum falls off to sleep in the warm sun*
*Lum giggles in his sleep...*
Lum: "hehe..... Gaius!... hee"
*Gaius lays down next to the sleeping Lum and watches him sleep for a while*
Gaius: "It's strange to see you so quiet and still. As beautiful as a greek statue"
Gaius: "Lum dear...."
Lum: "Gaius! I didn't mean to fall asleep"
Lum: "Lets play~!"
Lum: "Gaius! You're so strong!"
Gaius: "Sorry I was late today...."
Lum: "Don't worry about it.... Im just glad you're here now"
Gaius: "Lets go get some dinner then...."
Lum: "I want ice cream!"
Gaius: "For dessert right...?"
*Lum gives Gaius a stern look*
Lum: "You're so silly Lum.... to Molly Moon we go..."


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